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Office Bearers

Asha Gupta (President)

Asha is a graduate from J.D. Women's College, Patna and a long known social worker. Though she has not been involved in any governmental or non-governmental organisations before, yet she has played very active role in providing the support to many events being organised by various other organisations and individuals. Her prior works of helping the needy is well known amongst the known.

Along with other members, she had laid foundation for this organisation in order to institutionalise works and work force to help the needy and downtrodden. She is leading this organisation as the President, by setting forth examples for other members, volunteers and society at large. 

Her goal is synonymous to that of the organisation itself, and she is devoted in bringing up the socio-economic condition of women and children in the society, by facilitating them with the means to success.

Neeraj Gupta (Secretary)

Neeraj is the Secretary of this organization. He is from Odessa Polytechnic University, Ukraine. He has experience of working in various corporate sectors at different managerial and administrative posts. He has turned to be an entrepreneur now and is running his own company, Shaurya Enterprises.

He is known amongst his colleagues for being a good leader, to the workers of his company and volunteers of this organisation as well. He is also a master of effective and impressive communication skills. Besides fulfilling his legal obligation of corporate social responsibility of his company, he believes that he has a moral obligation to serve the society and help the needy, from both urban and rural area.

Neeraj has also received citations in various sports, such as football, carom, chess, table tennis etc., at school, state and national level. He is of the opinion that sports doesn’t just keep a person fits, but also develop many qualities in individuals, such as confidence, determination and teamwork. He wishes to install his ideas in the growing population of the society by making them aware about all his experiences and letting them taste the same.

His hobbies include travelling, listening, music, driving and learning new things.

Dhirendra K. Singh (Treasurer)

Dhirendra has been known in his peers as a long time social worker and a profession with great knowledge of administring and managing finances of the companies and other organisations. He brings with himself the great zeal of knowledge and experience with a goal to ensure that the goals of organisation has been achieved.