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We work on a variety of development projects to affect different sectors of society, aiming for a holistic approach and effect. These include:

  • Education Program

Our educational program runs mostly in rural areas of Bihar, where the children have less exposure to technological means of studies. This program is being run under the name of Bal Utthan. The project aim to spread awareness amongst the society for the cause of developing the next generation from the grass root level.

Beside providing education and providing means for accessing a better quality of education, the work undertaken under this project includes to inform everyone about the Central and State legislative provisions made exclusive for child development. Through this project we also focus on other substantial issues such as child labour, child education, child marriage etc.

  • Health Care Program

We know that development of society is possible only if people are healthy and fit. We believe in the old saying that a healthy mind can reside only in a healthy body. Our project named Aarogya is aimed in achievement of this achievement.

Awareness camps, check up camps and treatment camps are a few events which are organised under this project. We organise these camps in different government run schools, urban slum areas and rural areas. Medical experts conduct preliminary health check ups, give advice to be and remain healthy, suggests exercises and fitness routines, refer those in need to proper medical care and so on.  

  • Legal Awareness Program

It is the believe of organisation that many of the issues in daily life of citizens is due to lack of awareness about one's right. Vidhigya is the initiative of our ourganisation which aims in equiping individuals with basic legal knowledge and rights. 

We conduct awareness camps on issues dealing with constitutional rights, rights against arrest, child and women rights, human rights, right to information, right to minimum and equal wages etc. 

  • Training Program

We provide training under the our project named Kala Nirupan. The projects aims to promote the small handicrafts work done within household, such as sewing or knitting, and other micro and small scale enterprises. The organisation endeavours to make every household to be economically self-efficient. 

We are also creating Self-Help Groups in rural area, where create awareness, give advice and provide assistance to small group of peoples in becoming a small time entrepreneur, by making them avail the loan facility from banks and establish small enterprises. We also provide help in marketing of the products so prepared by them, if in case they require so.